God is for you

Have you ever been to a football match?

One of the reasons why people go to a live match, instead of watching it on TV, is that they want to be there to cheer their team. They leap around, wave their hands, shout and holler, all to show that they’re behind their team one hundred percent.

Well, the good news for us is that God is like one of those football fans when it comes to us. In Romans 8:31, Paul tells us that God is for us.

Isn’t that amazing? Sometimes, it’s easy to think that God is a stern Judge, just waiting for us to slip up and make a mistake so that He can condemn us. But the Bible tells us that’s the opposite of what God is like. God is for us. God is our biggest fan.

God is for us. This means God wants us to win.

It means God looks out for what we’re doing right, not what we’re doing wrong.

It means that God loves us unconditionally, and He cheers us on no matter how bad things get.

God is not waiting for you to fail. God is our biggest supporter. God is always rooting for us.

And because God is for us, we will always win.