About Me


I’m Hwee Hwee.Tan

I first encountered God when I was 11. I was an atheist but after reading the Psalms, felt such an overwhelming feeling of peace and God’s presence that I couldn’t not believe in God.

I’ve always enjoyed reading and felt God calling me to be a writer.

Thus I went to the University of East Anglia to study writing. While I was there I received a First Class Honours degree. After that I went to the University of Oxford to study Christian literature. When I completed my Masters at Oxford, I won a scholarship with the New York Times to study writing at New York University.

I have published two Christian novels with Penguin. I won the Young Artist Award from the Singapore National Arts Council, the highest award given to an artist under-35. My second novel, Mammon Inc, won the Singapore Literature Prize.

I have also worked as a journalist, writing for publications like TIME, Harper’s Bazaar, the Straits Times and the BBC.

Now my writing goal is to produce an awesome, God-loving blog!

I also work as a freelance writer, journalist, copywriter and editor. You can find out more about my other types of writing at my general writing website, www.tanhweehwee.com

  • Hi Hwee Hwee
    I’m a fellow Singaporean currently undergoing studies at the University of the Nations in Hawaii. I came across your novel Mammon Inc while researching on Mammon as a spiritual deity. Very intrigued by your work and would like to keep in contact if you’re ok with that.

    God bless!