Big problem, big victory through Christ

Problems precede the pay-off

There’s something in my life that has been causing me stress (and the fear that accompanies it). It’s like a problem that looms like a mountain before me, casting a scary shadow over my existence. I try to think of ways which I can defeat the problem, but sometimes all I can hear is the Devil taunting me, “You’ll never find a solution to the problem. Everything you try will fail. This problem will destroy your life. You’ll be poor, sick, broke, homeless and starve to death.”

I began to pray to God about my huge problem, and as I processed my obstacles prayerfully, God revealed to me a powerful insight. Why do we have big problems in our lives? If God is loving and powerful, that is, if God is good and God is great, why doesn’t he just bless us with a life with no problems, a life journey that is a path strewn with rose petals, its softness and fragrance making us feel joyful all the time.

God spoke to me and told me that he allows us to face big problems so we can experience the joy of great victory when he delivers us from that problem. In Romans 8, God promises to work all things for our good and that we might be more than conquerors through his love. The bigger the problem, the bigger the victory; problems precede the pay-off. Think of David versus Goliath. The giant was what enabled a small shepherd boy to experience a great victory over an opponent much bigger than him, by striking the huge opponent dead with just a tiny stone.

I felt very comforted by this revelation. However, it’s still a struggle. God spoke to me and told me that I had to learn to accept and appreciate a life that had big problems, instead of always longing that my life would be perfect, where everything went right and nothing went wrong. To not have an enemy always threatening to destroy me. It’s hard to accept that life inevitably will have problems because that’s God’s will. But there’s comfort and joy in faith, in the rock-solid belief that no matter how bad things get, God will always rescue us and cause us to triumph.


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  • Audrey Chen

    Great sharing . AMEN !