Conquering the negative – an apology

Today’s post follows up with an amusing story based on last week’s post. It’s an apology to my sister. You might want to read last week’s post first so you can understand this week’s post. (

I was having dinner with my sister at Sushi Tei and asked her if she had seen my post.

She was delighted that I wrote about our trip to Bali. “I’m always asking you to write something about me, finally you wrote something about me!” she said.

Then she read my post.

I didn’t expect her reaction but she was real mad at me.

“You didn’t tell them the full story! You were just sitting in the boat while I was doing all the work paddling to the shore,” she said. “Of course you could have a positive attitude towards the rain. You did nothing and I did everything.”

Opps. She’s was right! I did paddle back in the storm when we were in Bali but my paddling was pretty weak and my sister was the one who managed to haul the boat back to the shore. I couldn’t have done it without her.

“Your spiritual lesson shouldn’t be about having a positive attitude,” my sister said. “The real lesson is that at times we think we’re doing all the work, but it’s actually someone else who’s helping us succeed. We think we succeed through our own work, while it’s actually God who’s doing all the work.”

Amen sister!

My sister made a very good point. A lot of times we don’t give God the rightful credit for the blessings in our life. We think we’ve achieved all the good things in our life through our own effort, when it’s actually God’s grace, his strength working in us. So today, take time to think about all the good that God has brought into your life and give him the rightful praise.

Thank God! (And my sister)!

  • Lakshika

    Haha.. nice twist to the story and lesson!
    Keep writing. 🙂

  • Sister

    I thank God for e bestest sister ! U were worth all that rowing ! And I will never forget the adventures we go thru together ! So I boast that I did all the rowing but really there was a supernatural wind in our Favor and also has supernatural strength fr Him too ! All glory to Jesus who loves n saves !:)

  • Joseph

    I really like this one. It’s so true. God always does the toughest works for us – the most important one Already done on the Cross. Your post helps me be thankful again! Keep writing and blessing others with your gift!

  • Lynn See

    Hi Hwee Hwee, I was re-looking at this blogpost and it really ministers! =) Being grateful for even small li’le things and not taking them for granted makes our heart humble and appreciative to God and people around us! ;-D You are such a brilliant WordSmith!