Launch of new Christian blog by Hwee Hwee Tan

Greetings readers – friends, neighbours, enemies and people who just accidentally or randomly stumbled onto this website.

Welcome to the launch of my Christian blog.

What gave me the idea to start a Christian blog?

It all begins at the beginning.

In John 1, one of the most poetic passages in the Bible, it says that God created the world through the Word, who was with God and was God.

Ever since I came across that passage I’ve been inspired by the power of words. The right word, the divinely inspired word, can be an amazing creative force, full of God-given power.

So I’ve set myself a high task – to start a blog full of divinely-inspired insights that will help readers on their spiritual walk with God.

Enjoy the blog!

Love in Christ,

Hwee Hwee TAN

  • Tim

    Hi Hwee Hwee –

    Was just alerted to the blog via your last facebook post. BTW I was rearranging books on one of the many untidy book shelves at the cafe on Saturday, and came across you book Mammon Inc. No coincdence I’m sure.

    Good to see this blog finally up, and my prayer is that many will be blessed by what you write in the days and weeks to come.

    Grace and Peace be yours in abudance, Tim