Take risks for a big God

We serve a big God, who can do exceedingly abundantly above what we can hope or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

God has placed dreams in our hearts and He desires for us to pursue those dreams.

However, often these dreams are so big that when we see our lack of resources and the difficulties involved in pursuing those dreams, we feel discouraged. Some of us might even give up pursuing our big, God-given dreams altogether.

One of the things that stops us from pursuing our dreams is our fear of taking risks. Most of the time, our dreams ask us to reach for something great and the pursuit of our dreams often leads us on a dangerous path. We are tempted to live a mediocre life, because an easy life is secure and comfortable, while a life spent pursuing big dreams involves taking risks, sometimes putting yourself in a position where you will face loss or harm.

For me, when I was a child, I always dreamed of being a writer. It was my greatest desire to have a book published by a major Western publisher. So when it came to choosing a college degree, I had to decide between studying a creative writing course or doing business. Studying business would lead to a secure financial job, but that was not my passion. Finance puts me to sleep. But studying creative writing was a financial risk and it’s well known that English literature graduates have problems finding a job after they graduate. But I decided to take the risk and enrolled in a creative writing course in university, where I wrote my first novel. Before I made that decision to pursue a career as a writer, I was worried. Nobody in Singapore had ever had a novel published by a major Western publisher. Would I be able to achieve something that nobody in my country had done before? However, I took the risk and pursued a career as a writer, writing my first novel. And to my amazement, God blessed my decision. At the young age of 21, I became the first Singaporean to be published by Penguin and had my novel translated to German, Swedish, Dutch and even Slovak.

The Bible encourages us to take big risks to fulfill our giant God-sized dreams.

One good biblical example is Peter. One night, he was in his boat with the other disciples when they were hit by a big storm. He saw a figure walking on water towards his boat. At first, he was terrified, thinking he had seen a ghost. But the ghostly figure said – “It’s me, Jesus”. Peter then asked Jesus to enable him to walk on water. Jesus said – “Come”. In taking a step into the water, Peter was taking a big risk. If Jesus didn’t enable him to walk on water, he would drown. Peter was willing to risk his life to fulfill his dream of walking on water, of experiencing the wonder of performing a miracle of nature. Peter took the risk and was rewarded – his feet hit the waves and the water was as firm as solid rock, and Peter experienced the amazement of walking on water.

What risks are holding you back from pursuing your dreams and fulfilling your God-given destiny?

Today, take a step of faith into the stormy waters and like Peter, experience a miracle as God does the extraordinary in your life!

  • Lynn

    Hi Hwee Hwee, I have been praying for you last week and this is the same thing the Lord has been telling me regarding your situation at this juncture. Go forth and walk on water. Pursue your dream and set the next milestone as a writer, and make the difference you have always wanted to make (and ONLY you can do it as the chosen one, not just the called), be it in making new and better adjustments in your personal life and change of mindsets in career choices to bring out the best of yourself. Let’s catch up soon. I have much to share with you. 🙂 I hope to be able to help you as much as I can as your friend.