Wait for the happy ending

When disaster strikes, our first instinct might be to let fear overtake us. When something bad happens to us, our brain starts racing as we worry, thinking of all sorts of further bad things that might happen.

But take heart – if you study the Bible, you’ll find the assurance that when something bad happens, God will help you overcome it.

Our life is like a story written by God. And He promises that our story will have a happy ending. Romans 8 is full of the powerful promises that God will work all things out for our good, that we are more than conquerors over all our trials and that nothing can separate us from His love.

The fact that God works out a happy ending even in the most dire situations can be seen in the life of Joseph. When Joseph was young, he had a dream that he would be a great ruler and that his brothers would bow down to him. After he told his brothers about the dream, the brothers became envious of Joseph and nursed a deep hate for him. Eventually, they beat him up and sold him to some slave traders who were on the way to Egypt. So Joseph became a slave to a man called Potiphar. Surely if you were Joseph you would have been tempted to be discouraged and fearful, now that you were a slave and think that your life would be going downhill from there. But this wasn’t the case. Even in the depths of slavery, God worked for Joseph’s good and Joseph flourished in his role as a slave, becoming the man in charge of all of Potiphar’s affairs. Just when things were looking up for Joseph, disaster struck again. Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce him and when he resisted, she accused him of rape and Joseph was thrown in jail. Surely this time, rotting in a dank prison, Joseph might be tempted to give in to despair and think that he only had death to look forward to. But God amazingly blessed him, even in jail and Joseph helped the jailer run the prison. It was in prison that he met Pharaoh’s chief cup-bearer. He helped the chief cup-bearer interpret his dream and when Pharaoh had a dream that he didn’t understand, the chief cup-bearer remembered Joseph and Joseph was brought before the ruler of Egypt. Joseph successfully interpreted the dream and Pharaoh put him in charge of all of Egypt. Thus as it can be seen in the story of Joseph, even slavery, false accusations, jail couldn’t hold back a man like Joseph, who loved and trusted God.

In the New Testament, the story of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection is one we can always turn to, to remind us that God will provide a happy ending to our lives. Christ was mocked and reviled, tortured to death. But death wasn’t the end of the story. On the third day, he rose from the dead, triumphant and now He is in heaven interceding for us at the right hand of the throne of God.

Are you facing an insurmountable obstacle and encountered a crushing set-back? Don’t be worried, God is writing the story of your life and He is not done yet. If you will be patient and trust Him, you will see Him moving things to benefit you, and your life will have the happy ending that He promises.

  • Lakshika


  • bebe

    another article to translate 4 my mum to read, and God bless that this is antidote against the idea of despair while she fights her chronic pain