What happens when you believe in the God of miracles?

Did you know that if you really believed in the God of miracles, it would change your life?

If you read through the Bible, it is filled with stories of God performing miracles, of believers encountering God’s supernatural power in their lives.

In the Old Testament, God empowered David to overcome the giant Goliath with just one small stone. He parted the Red Sea, led the Israelites through dry land and drowned Pharoah’s army. God enabled Sarah to give birth to Isaac even when she was ninety years old. The same God who made this supernatural childbirth possible also closed the mouths of lions when Daniel was  thrown into the pit with those fierce creatures.

In the Gospels, we again see ample evidence of the God of miracles through the works of Jesus, God’s son. Jesus healed the sick, cast out demons, walked on water and fed 5000 people with five loaves and two fishes.

God is the God of miracles. He specializes in doing the impossible in our lives. He loves us and wants to do great things for us and shower us with amazing blessings.

However, we are hindered in receiving these blessings from God because we do not realize that he is the God of miracles. Our picture of God is too limited, too small. We are content with living an ordinary, mediocre life. When we realize that God can do miracles in our lives, we will shake off our complacency and enlarge our vision. Our goals will change – we will start to dream and take active steps to pursue our dreams. We will expect God to achieve the impossible in our lives.

In Luke 1, when Mary is told that as a virgin, she would give birth to a Saviour, she was baffled as how that could happen. But the angel told her that the miracle could happen because “nothing is impossible for God”. When we realize that we serve a God of miracles, we will start to live a life that has no limits. We will have a vision of our lives where we can do anything and be fearless when faced with challenges. We believe that God can help us overcome anything. With this attitude, our lives will be transformed and we will encounter God’s abundant blessings.

God is a God of miracles, but he can’t work those miracles without our co-operation. In order for you to see God work his power in your life, you need to have faith. This means that you need to have faith in God to achieve your impossible dreams. You need to have faith that God will help you overcome your seemingly insurmountable problems.

When we face difficulties, we are not discouraged or fearful. We know that God has put these obstacles in our lives to enable Him to show forth his power. He loves us and wants to show us that love by doing extraordinary things in our lives.

God will make a way when there seems to be no way.

Your problems may seem impossible to overcome. Don’t get discouraged. Miracles is what God specializes in. Just stay in faith and you will overcome your obstacles, be rescued from your difficulties and achieve your dreams.

  • Lakshika